Best Air Purifier for Home India 2018 JSB HF121 HEPA
June 8, 2018

Best Air Purifier for Home India 2018

Best Air Purifier for Home India 2018

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The JSB HF121 Room Air Purifier with HEPA Filter is a compact, silent and highly efficient indoor air quality improvement machine. The HF121 can clean air for upto a coverage area of 350 sqft room with a CADR of 150 mtr cube per hour. With a low power consumption, this air purifier for bedroom has a compact body and can be kept in any corner of the room.

This JSB air cleaner machine for home and office can help clear Invisible Air Pollutant Allergens like Bacteria, Virus, Dust, Animal Hair, Pollen, Smoke, Room Sprays, Paint and Polish Emissions present in our Indoor Air to make indoor air healthy to breath. The Anti Bacterial Filters and Highly Efficient HEPA Filters in this jsb air cleaning machine for indoor air helps remove 99.9% of pollutants from indoor air. So let us read more about Best Air Purifier for Home India 2018 India.


Different parts of air cleaners are risky vaporous results, commotion level, recurrence of channel substitution, electrical utilization, and visual interest. Ozone generation is normal for air ionizing purifiers. Albeit high convergence of ozone is perilous, most air ionizers create low sums (< 0.05 ppm).The commotion level of air purifier can be acquired through a client benefit division and is generally revealed in decibels (dB). The clamor levels for most purifiers are low contrasted with numerous other home appliances.[citation needed] Frequency of channel substitution and electrical utilization are the significant activity costs for any purifier.

There are numerous kinds of channels; some can be cleaned by water, by hand or by vacuum cleaner, while others should be supplanted at regular intervals or years. In India, a few air purifiers are affirmed as Energy Star and are vitality effective. HEPA innovation is utilized as a part of versatile air purifiers as it evacuates regular airborne allergens

Best Air Purifier for Home India 2018

JSB HF121 Room Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

 6 Levels of Filtration, Ionizer and UV Sterilization (White)

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Key features of JSB HF121 Room Air Purifier

  • Room Air Purifier with HEPA Filter ; Area Coverage : 350 sqft
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate : 150 metre cube per hour)
  • Power Consumption : 43W ; 6 Levels of Filtration with Odour Sensor and Ionizer
  • Compact Body ; Keep in any corner of room ; Spare Filters Available Online
  • 1 Year JSB National Warranty ; For product support, please call 8010402110 (Mon to Sat 10 AM to 7 PM)
  • One of the most searched under Affordable Best Air Purifiers India 2018 Online
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